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Guest Post on RubyLearning: Building DSLs with yield and instance_eval

I recently wrote a guest post for the RubyLearning blog entitled “How do I build DSLs with yield and instance_eval?”. It gives a brief overview of how to use Ruby to build simple internal DSLs. Enjoy!


Open Source


A tagging plugin for Rails applications that allows for custom tagging along dynamic contexts.


A new plugin approach to attempting to solve the usage of subdomains in linking and routing in Rails projects.


Advanced seed data handling for Rails, combining the best practices of several methods together.


The UberKit is a Rails plugin with a set of UI tools to ease common development.


Mash is a Hash with the ability to read, write, and test for the presence of arbitrary attributes using method calls.


A Rails plugin to simplify the fetching and memoization of records for parameter-based finds.