10 Feb 2009

Moving to Jekyll

As of today, my blog and site are hosted on GitHub and served through Jekyll. I switched to WordPress not too long ago but felt slightly disingenuous not using a Ruby-based solution. I had been using Jekyll for a couple of other projects (Intridea University and my wedding website) and decided to go ahead and go all out.

The look is mostly the same but I love that I can just pop into TextMate, work on a Textile file, push to GitHub and bam! I’m deployed. If you haven’t used the GitHub Pages feature of GitHub I suggest you give it a try. It’s great!

The only downside is that the RSS feed will be resetting all of the unique IDs so you may get your feed reader spammed if you’re a subscriber. Also the comments are vanished once again (oops!) but I’m now explicitly setting Disqus permalinks so the next time I change my mind about how I want to run the site hopefully it will be better.

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